The Definitive Nuke 10 User Interface Guide

taught by Ganz Ramalingam
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Advanced Visual Effects Compositing - Semester 1
The Definitive Nuke 10 User Interface Guide + Introduction to Compositing

Course description

NUKE is a node-based digital compositing software produced and distributed by The Foundry, and used for film and television post-production.

NUKE’s users include Digital Domain, Double Negative, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Framestore, Moving Picture Company, Weta Digital and Industrial Light & Magic and many other Top tiered VFX Studios around the world. NUKE has been used on productions such as Avatar, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, King Kong, Tron: Legacy, Alice in Wonderland, Black Swan, The Hobbit and Transformers.

Taught by Ganz Ramalingam, this new introductory course will cover the software in much more detail and is a great next step in learning the software

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Ganz Ramalingam
Ganz Ramalingam
Advanced Visual Effects Compositing Program Lead

Ganz has taught 110 students since joining Lost Boys.
He has 98.2% placement rate within the VFX Industry.

His students have gone on to work as Compositors, Roto Artist, RotoPaint Artist, BG Prep Artists, Lighters, Matte Painters, and as Stereo Compositors on over 200 Hollywood movies and 35 TV shows.

His Students have been employed by ILM Vancouver, Double Negative Vancouver/London, MPC Vancouver/Montreal, Digital Domain 3.0 Vancouver, Sony Pictures Imageworks Vancouver, Method Studios Vancouver, Scanline VFX Vancouver, Imagine Engine, Cinesite Montreal, Framestore London/Montreal, BUF Compagnie Montreal, Zoic Studios Vancouver, Stargate Vancouver, Psyop Vancouver, Vitality VFX, Hydraulx Vancouver, RVX Iceland, Luma Pictures Australia, Soho VFX, Spin VFX, Mr.X, Rodeo FX, Atomic Fiction, Prime Focus World Vancouver, Gener8, Ghost VFX, Stereo D Toronto, CoSA VFX Vancouver, CVD VFX, Airbud Entertainment, Western Post, DHX Media, Global BC, The White Rabbit Animation Inc, Rainmaker Entertainment, Nitrogen Studios, Atmosphere VFX, The Sequence Group, Side Street Post, Goldtooth Creative, Arctic Air Productions.

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Shira Malamud - Compositor
Ganz is by far the best teacher I had for Visual Effects. He has an endless amount of knowledge and more importantly an endless amount of patience. He often stays past his working hours and does it all with a smile on his face. He truly prepares students for the “real life” – besides the professional and technical aspect, he gives a lot of weight to work ethics and gives the students useful tools and tips to succeed in their daily life. You can see that he has a passion for this field and a willing to improve this industry by creating professional and reliable students, which eventually make the industry a better one.

Eduardo Bivar - Compositor
It is my great honour to recommend Mr. Ganz Ramalingam for he is genuinely the best Instructor I ever had. As my Instructor at the Advanced Visual Effects Compositing Program at the Lost Boys School of Visual Effects, Vancouver - BC. I found him to be uniquely capable of capturing every student's attention and helping us learn confidently. His methodologies assisted us seeing Compositing in depth and from many crucial perspectives, Industry Studies and discussions about the Future of VFX Technologies, being essential topics. Comments from all of my classmates confirm that I am not alone in this impression. Invariably helps students beyond his regular schedule, taking the time to try and deeply understand the subtleties of teaching VFX to a very culturally heterogeneous industry. Making all of us recognize that the purpose of a guru is to introduce you to your own light. He always put his heart, mind and soul even on the smallest acts. Know what? Screw this formality! We love you Ganz. Thank you for being this wise human being and such a inspiring instructor

Jina Yoon - Compositor
Ganz is one of those rare instructors, who truly care about their students. He is willing to spend his extra time over day and night, just to answer his students' questions and solve their problems. He always tries his best to understand each of the students and find what is the best for them. He even knows how to give his students hard critiques so that students can understand and improve their works. I can not see Lost Boys Studios without Ganz. He is absolutely an amazing instructor.

Yan Caspar Hirschbühl - Compositor
If I quickly have to sum up Ganz both as a mentor and individual, dedication, knowledge, kindness and open mindedness come in mind. Ganz is one of those rare teachers who leave a remarkable and lasting positive imprint on his students. I was fortunate to be one of them and it’s simply impossible to summarize the amount of skills and techniques I’ve learnt and improved during the 8 month intense program at Lost Boys Studios. As many mentioned before, Ganz always dedicated a lot of extra time and energy for us, he was always helpful, motivating and pushed us to look for alternate solutions and therefore strengthen our creative problem solving skills. Needless to say that with his many years of experience he is a walking encyclopedia of "digital imagery" and is always up to date with everything that is going on in the field. Besides the teaching aspect, it was always a pleasure and fun to talk to Ganz, he has a vast knowledge not only in the world of digital imagery and a great sense of humour as well. He made us "ready" for whatever will be expected from us in the industry.

Andrew Zeller - Compositor / Roto Paint Artist
Thanks to Ganz, I got an awesome compositing job right after graduation from the Lost Boys School of VFX. I work at a studio specializing in beauty work and digital makeup, where I'm not only able to rotoscope, but also able to do paintouts, keying, and 3D compositing. I wouldn't be prepared to do these diverse tasks without his demos or the times he answered my questions after class. I had very little experience in visual effects when I started the program, but he has nearly limitless knowledge to share that is highly focused and practical, equipping every student with the skills and resources they will need for the exciting VFX industry. Ganz is more than a highly qualified instructor and teacher: he is a wise mentor. He cares about his students' success and well-being even after they graduate. You are truly fortunate if you have the opportunity to learn from him.

Isaac Barter - Compositor
Ganz, is an incredibly dedicated, and thorough teacher. He puts in many hours past what he is expected to, and continues to learn at home so that he can know more regarding any aspect of Visual Effects. One of the best teacher's I have had to date, and on top of being an excellent teacher is also an entertaining one.

Adarsh Langthasa - Compositor / Roto Paint Artist
Ganz is an excellent, hardworking instructor and one of the smartest people I know. He goes well beyond his capacity to make sure that his students achieve the best results and that every student was performing well. He is also an highly accomplished professional with wide range of backgrounds having more than decade of experience in the field of VFX, Web-Design & 3D Animation and is always willing spend to time with students beyond school hours to share his knowledge & experiences in the industry. It's been a great pleasure to have had him as my instructor at Lost Boys.

Andrew Barrie - Compositor
Ganz is a dedicated, hardworking, and most of all friendly and kind teacher. He was always willing to sit down, one on one, and help students understand anything that might be giving them trouble. If you asked, he could talk for hours about his insights and experience on a wide range of VFX topics, and I always felt like I could go to him for help. Ganz was as much a friend as he was mentor. He made sure to not only give us the knowledge we needed to succeed, but the support and tools we needed, as well. He was honest and candid about the industry, and made sure to prepare us to the best of his abilities for our careers, both in and out of the workplace.

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